A Well Rounded Practice

Mr. David is a native to the area of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit. He has lived in the community all of his life, with the exception of his post- secondary studies. This knowledge of the community is unparalleled , and it gives him the ability to recognize the terrain of the courts better. Whether that is through dealing with judges and their secretaries or whether that has to do with the District Attorney. This is of great contrast to the many lawyers in our circuit who are not from here and do not understand the politics that are involved in cases.

For over a year now, Mr. David has worked with David Jones in his practice in Homer, Ga. Learning all of the trial strategies that are involved in winning big cases. Mr. Jones has tried hundreds of cases over his thirty- seven year career, and he instilled into Mr. David the value of hard work, and how he won the big cases for clients. This is not to say that the small cases do not matter, but the large cases are always the most complex and require the most skill.

Don’t let a criminal charge ruin your life. Quality legal council will protect your rights throughout the legal process and ensure you properly represented in court. This process will change your life, don’t go through it blindly.

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From cash closings to real estate litigation and deed work. We’re here to assist you with every legal aspect of buying or selling your real estate. This can be overwhelming and complicated, but we’re here to keep things straight.

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Wills, trusts, estate work and more. We’re here to help you with every piece of probate work that comes your way. We’re here to assist you probate wills, caveat and will contest, and writing up new wills. Estates can be messy.

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