Banks’ County has a Family Lawyer

One of the most important aspects of our practice is Family Law. I pride myself in being able to offer clients experienced representation in divorce, child custody and support, and adoption cases. I dedicate myself to providing superior service and advocating for our client’s rights. We know that family law can get messy quickly, we will fight to protect your rights and your best interest. These types of cases are often unavoidable they’re undoubtedly the most emotional ones Mr. David sees in his practice.

Local Family Law Attorney

Family law addresses all matters relating to personal relationships and the law. This includes issues such as divorce, divorce mediation, issues with child custody and child support, visitation, determining proper allocation of parenting responsibilities, child removal and relocation, spousal support and division of marital assets.

Whether it’s divorce, child support or working to retain your parental rights, family law will play a direct role in outcome of your case. When your future and the well being of your family is on the line, it is important that you contact a family Lawyer who understands domestic relationships and can guide you through this difficult time.

Family law issues can be sensitive and require the expertise of a dedicated and caring legal professional that specializes in matters pertaining to family law. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Your Family Lawyer

As a result of dedication to each case our firm is committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. No matter what type of case you have, we will find the right lawyer for your needs. We specialize in areas including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Visitations
  • Child Support (and enforcement)
  • Maintenance (ie “Spousal Support” or Alimony)
  • Modifying and Enforcing Divorce & Custody Agreements
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
  • Guardianships
  • Services for Nontraditional Families